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August 2017 Graduates

Congratulations to the August graduates of Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy! ✂️ These students will go on to become well known stylists throughout their profession 🌟 We are glad to know that they chose the best Cosmetology School offered on Delmarva since 1976 

A Beautiful Future Awaits You

The students at Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy gain valuable hands•on training and knowledge through daily classes, as well as Clinic Services. ⭐️ Our goal for DBA is to invest in the quality of our students. With a solid reputation for excellence and outstanding programs, we have helped our students excel in fulfilling careers in the beauty industry for over 40 years ⭐️ A beautiful future awaits you at DelMarVa Beauty Academy :• 410-749-7929 •  #DelMarVaBeautyAcademy