Our Team

Carol M. Evans

Substitute Teacher

Carol Evans has been actively involved in the Cosmetology profession in various capacities since 1964. Her professional career began as a hair stylist and later a salon manager.
She began her teaching career as a student teacher in the public school sector. She received her senior instructors license and continued to teach for an additional four years at the same location. During this time, Mrs. Evans participated and was certified in continuing educational classes at the local college. Certifications were earned in the following classes: Psychology, Accounting, English and Teaching Principles.

Mrs. Evans purchased Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy in 1976 with the commitment to provide quality education in basic and advanced Cosmetology and Nail Technology. She transferred her passion and love for the profession to her students through her outstanding teaching and communication skills. The school has flourished over the years due to dedication, hard work, professional work ethics and a sincere desire to make a difference in the profession as a whole. It is obvious that the school is successfully accomplishing the goals established years ago with the success of the graduates. Tracking the graduates and obtaining feedback from employers has validated the success of the students training. She is confident that her work ethic, experience and communications skills are allowing her to perform her responsibilities in an effective manner.

Nicholas Evans

Financial Aid Officer

Mr. Evans is the financial aid officer for the school. His responsibilities include verifying student
eligibility for financial aid and supervising the financial aid program at the school. Mr. Evans is a certified public accountant which has been a tremendous benefit in performing his duties. He participates in financial aid seminars and continuing education workshops to stay abreast of new regulations affecting the programs offered by the school.

Tammy Lankford


Mrs. Lankford has been a licensed Cosmetology Instructor since April 1986 and has been employed at the school since that date. She has extensive training by Paul Mitchell, Dudley, Pivot Point International, Matrix, OPI, Redken and many additional classes. She has also been trained by Carol Phillips, educator in styling techniques and retail sales, Judy Byrne, motivational speaking in the classroom, Winn Claybough, motivational speaker, Geno Stampora, How to train your students for success and Bruce McDonald, motivational speaker. Mrs. Lankford also attends the CEA conventions with the instructional staff, as well as the New York Teachers Seminar and Educational classes in Westborough Ma. sponsored by Marianna. Her experience is instrumental in the successful performance in her position at the school.

Latoya Milbourne

Practical Instructor

Ms. Milbourne began her Cosmetology career in 2003. She graduated from Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy at the top of her class. After graduating she started her professional career as a stylist at the Hair Cuttery in Easton, Md. and later accepted a position as a Senior Stylist with the Regis Corporation. Ms. Milbourne developed a passion for teaching and began her teaching career in 2005. She is currently a Phase I Practical Instructor and also teaches the Nail Technology program. She is a certified OPI Educator and has attended educational class with the New York Beauty School Association, a host of CEA conventions and numerous hair shows, including The Proud Lady Hair Show Chicago, IBS in New York City and the International Hair and Beauty Show in Secaucus, New Jersey. Ms. Milbourne has a true passion for her profession and this is validated by her performance and interaction with the students

Marcedes Morris

Theory Instructor

After graduating from Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy in 2016, Ms Morris worked at Smart Styles and became a manager for two separate locations. She then ventured into the world of hair on her own and worked at Daisey's Healthy Hair Salon in Salisbury, MD for two years before returning to Smart Styles as a cosmetologist. She has attended many professional continuing education classes throughout her career. Her upbeat personality and passion for teaching are great assets as she shares her skills and knowledge with her students.

Alexis Willey

Clinic Instructor

Since graduating from Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy in 2016, Ms. Willey has been a manager and served as a technical trainer for Sport Clips. She has attended numerous continuing education classes and specializes in clipper cuts and fantasy color. Ms Willey brings her passion for teaching and positive energy to the classroom as she shares her knowledge with our students.

Aileen Schuyler

Admissions Coordinator / Administrative Support Services

Ms. Schuyler has a strong background in public relations and administration.  As a true people person, she enjoys meeting prospective students and helping current students.  Aileen believes strongly in the principles and quality of the education the school has provided to the community in its 41 year history.  She displays her genuine excitement every day while helping current and future students succeed in our Cosmetology or Nail Technology programs and move on to a rewarding career in the beauty profession.

Maria Flint

Financial Aid Assistant

Mrs. Flint has worked in the accounting field for over twenty-five years. She works with our third party servicer (Financial Aid Management for Education) in processing student records. She regularly participates in seminars and workshops to remain current on proper administration of the financial aid programs.